ChatGPT laggy/slow after onedrive/google drive additions

Hello there, so currently its 24.5.2024 and after the introduction of being able to share files from onedrive/goodle drive the gpt experience got way worse, i a m facing multiple network errors, gpt 4o is generating super slow and gets stuck. Just yesterday the GPT4o ran very fast and smooth? Anyone else experiencing similar issues??


I’ve been having the same issues here. It will finish, then give a network error, and all of my browsers and on the phone just hang and never finish or tell some it can’t access the Google Doc.

The big problem is that it stops me from being able to use the chat.

  • Plus Account
  • Three conversations locked up.
  • Have a support conversation with images going with Open AI about the problem.

Here is to hope it gets fixed this week.


Had same frustrating issue but managed to resolve by turning off the ‘Improve the model for everyone’ setting inside the ‘Data Model’ settings. Try and let us know if works for you as well.

Tried doing this but did not work as well. Any other suggestions? Mine is not responding at all even though I am subscribed to the paid version