ChatGPT just drew himself or herself!

Explanation of the details:

  • The face is represented by two circles for the eyes, a small circle for the nose, and a curved line for the mouth to represent a smile.
  • The hair is represented by long lines at the top of the head, with smaller lines underneath to create volume and texture.
  • The body is made up of curved lines for the back, hips, and legs, with a slight curve in the middle to suggest a feminine figure. The arms are represented by straight lines with small lines sticking out for the fingers.
  • The clothing is not specified, but there is a small circle on the chest to suggest a button or emblem.
  • The surroundings are not specified, but there is a shadow effect created by the curved lines of the body.

it looks like a cat climbing into Schrödinger’s box :sweat_smile: