ChatGPT is not responding to prompts

At the moment, I have the same problem as I once had before (but then this problem was fixed): the GhatGPT does not respond as soon as I try to start a dialogue - nothing happens. When I even click on the sample prompt buttons, the GPT does not respond


The same thing is happening to me, but in the web version of chatgpt, the mobile version is currently working for me.


I also have the same problem.
Contacted helpdesk, but nothing was resolved.
Service quality is poor for a commercial service.


The same problem and cant find Help button to contact support, anyone know how contact them ?


Same here… Nothing happens

What’s le problem?

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Note: the issue occurs with Chrome, but it works fine with Firefox…

Maybe a chrome-related issue (but maybe not :sweat_smile:)


the web version does not work. But the mobile version works fine. However, no images are generated


Same problem here. Tried to reach support but still no answer

Same here. I’ve checked both chrome and firefox but it doesn’t work.

I search about this thing there is no request in network also.

Also not working on firefox and not able to create any type of api keys. :confused:

In my case it does not work on firefox and chrome but it works on opera. In general it is some kind of mockery, they charge a fee and the service works as …

Hello everyone :wave: This solution helped me. I’m using Chrome. Clear the Windows cache Ctrl+F5, delete cookies and sign in to your account again. I hope this solution helps you :raised_hands:


Yep there is cookie bug and long term fix is to run incognito in browser, as after cookie clear it bricks soon again …

incognito tab and clear the cache also not worked :frowning: but thanks for your response

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Tried to clear cookies, still not working on Mac Chrome.

I also encountered this. Switching localization to auto-detection helped me

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Same issue here with un GPTplus subscription

Same here Firefox 123 64bits linux mint

ChatGPT not responding ! I do not feel good :wink: