ChatGPT give me new insight about Fine-Tuning

i have reading material on OpenAI documentation…
youtube… and many other blog. ( what I can google about OpenAI Fine Tuning )

In my quest to easily create custom purpose Chatbot.
i turned to OpenAI own, ChatGPT. Today, a good prompt in ChatGPT give me a lot new insight about fine-tuning in Open AI. this is the prompt

generate a sample hosting company profile and convert the article into jsonl format for openai fine-tuning purpose.

ChatGPT Replied :

Sample hosting company profile:

Company Name: FastHosts

FastHosts is a leading web hosting company that provides reliable, affordable and secure hosting solutions...... (too long)

the highlight :

JSONL format:

{"text": "FastHosts is a leading web hosting company that provides reliable, affordable and secure hosting solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide. Founded in 1999, we have been serving our customers for over 20 years, offering top-notch hosting services and exceptional customer support.", "label": "Company Description"}
{"text": "Our shared hosting plans offer a cost-effective solution for hosting small websites and blogs. With unlimited bandwidth and storage, you can easily host your website with us.", "label": "Shared Hosting Features"}
{"text": "Our VPS hosting plans provide greater flexibility and control than shared hosting, allowing you to customize your server to your specific needs.", "label": "VPS Hosting Features"}
{"text": "For high-traffic websites and enterprise-level applications, our dedicated hosting plans offer powerful, dedicated resources for maximum performance and security.", "label": "Dedicated Hosting Features"}
{"text": "Our cloud hosting plans provide scalable, on-demand resources for businesses of all sizes, with automatic scaling and load balancing to handle traffic spikes.", "label": "Cloud Hosting Features"}
{"text": "We guarantee 99.9% uptime for all our hosting plans, ensuring that your website is always online and accessible to your customers.", "label": "Uptime Guarantee"}

in my other discussion with ChatGPT, the AI also teach me about supervised and unsupervised data.
( where the label: “null” )

With the sample ChatGPT generate above, you can know, this is how we easi input large amount of custom data into custom “ChatBot”

welcome any further related input from more experienced user.
Hope this help those in quest of custom ChatBot

Yes, but the JSONL data ChatGPT generated was totally misformatted for an OpenAI fine-tuning.

This is totally the wrong format for an OpenAI fine-tuning and will fail, for many reason:

You must be very careful @zhihong0321 using ChatGPT for technical facts. ChatGPT is a generative AI and it just “makes things up” by predicting the next sequence of text, like a powerful text auto-completion engine.

ChatGPT replies sounding like it’s a very smart entity with good English, good spelling and grammar, but the facts are often wrong.

You are really better off to read the API docs and perform the coding tutorials available out there which are accurate.



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thanks for your feedback and reminder.
would you further explain the correct format of JSONL?

( or it doesn’t have the “end sequence” like what mentioned in OpenAI doc? )

Please refer to docs, for example:

See Also, for example:

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