ChatGPT freezes while generating content

I’ve had a problem for the 2nd day now that after every question ChatGPT 4.o freezes after a few lines and then I open a new window and reload the page and there is the full answer. Oh and it is terribly slow.
Anyone else have or had this problem?
I’ve tried and they don’t work: other browser, clear cookies, other model, GPT

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Me too have this problem :frowning:

Seems that ChatGPT’s website is maxing out cpu usage and using up a lot of ram at the same time.
Not a new bug.

This thread shows it appeared at one point quite a while back.
Check task manager, you should notice that for some reason the GPT tab in chrome / edge is using anywhere from 20% to 100% CPU usage.

Only thing we can do is bring it to their attention and await a fix.

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