Page Unresponsive, Slowness, Lag How to fix?

Hey guys

I use Chatgpt 3.5 or 4 with the Plus via web and 90% of the time I enter a prompt, I get page unresponsive / just takes an asbolute age. I emailed they’re support they refunded me and told me to update my windows, the browser, clear cache and cookies, which I did all of that. its seemingly just my computer - my partner shared the same acc and doesnt have the issue on her work computer.

its been going on for a few months now and its making me use other AI chatbot tools like poe/claude but i want to continue using chatgpt.

the mobile app version works fine no slowness.

Ive tried chrome, incognito and edge.

I really don’t know what else to do to get rid of this near-permanent unusability due to slowness.

it never used to do this.

computers relatively new, high end, no other issues with any other app/software etc

Thank you !!!

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