chatGPT Error when using Proxy and enforcing SSL Inspection

chatGPT is not working through Zscaler Government Proxy when performing SSL Inspection. Works fine without SSL Inspection.
With SSL Inspection enabled, OpenAI is sending a 403 Forbidden error (verified in browser HAR file).

Anyone aware of OpenAI restricting chatGPT functionality based on user source IP Address? Or why Proxy with SSL Inspection would not be allowed?
Besides asking the ‘community’ for assistance, anyone aware of how to engage OpenAI Technical Support - email, IG, Twitter? Suggestions??

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@kelly.williams where you able to find a solution to this? I am facing a similar issue.

We concluded that the issue is reproducible with the Google Chrome and MS Edge Browsers, however, did not occur with using the Firefox Browser. It seems the Chromium-based browsers are sending parameters in the XFF / Agent headers that freak out the UI resulting in the “something went wrong” error.
The server is definitely sending a 403 Forbidden from Cloudflare.

It would be helpful if someone “human” at was available to actually assist in troubleshooting this issue.