ChatGPT (English version) has recently started saving my inquiry history in a foreign language. Anyone else?

ChatGPT just recently and bizarrely started saving my search queries in a foreign language (non-english) in the search history panel. Anyone else experience this? Anyone know why or how to solve?


Are they actually your conversations in a foreign language, or are you just talking about the four-word title of chats?

If translated, would they indicate someone else using your account?

There was a big database problem earlier this year with some users getting others’ chats appearing.

First I would ensure security by changing passwords of account (reset sent to email when you say “forgot password” on login screen) or authentication method.

I have the same issue. @_j in my experience, they are legitimate searches I’ve done, it’s just the title that’s translated to Spanish for no apparent reason. The context of the conversation is in English, and if I continue the conversation, it will continue in English. It’s just the title! And it’s not even all titles, it seems to be titles that are 15 days old but still in my 30 day chat history.

I suspect OpenAI uses a rudimentary AI to write titles. I’ve seen nonsense words in odd language and, even just a few days ago, a Python GUI task is titled “Optimize dan Simpan Animasi” - which is Indonesian language apparently. And they had completely broken it before - at the same time they broke a whole bunch of developer apps running gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 - making it easier to dump the title AI’s prompt.

There’s a rename feature…