ChatGpt crashing and difficult to navigate

In the last few days I have witnessed the worst possible experience using Chatgpt, responses freezing, the interface itself freezing a lot, something literally impossible to work with!

This error is happening in the new version 4o and in version 4, in 3.5 it apparently works normally!

I’ve already changed browsers, formatted my desktop and nothing works, and support insists on blaming me.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m using the paid version!

If anyone managed to solve it, give me feedback


Same problem here. Did you find a workaround or any tricks to stop it from freezing?


Unfortunately no, and I can’t find any alternative, nor can support resolve it!

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I’m using an iPad. I started using 4o lately and since have been experiencing slowdown within the web interface. The crash seems to generate a device-wide crash and unusual freeze.