Chatgpt can no longer access information from the internet

Chatgpt seems unable to access information beyond headlines in a consistent fashion. After much testing I asked it to make a search for information and assess what went wrong. This was the response from chatgpt4:

During the process to find examples of instance() usage in Godot 4 from community forums, I initiated searches with specific queries aimed at locating discussions or posts in non-official sources like Reddit or other Godot community forums. However, the attempts to click through to detailed discussions or posts from the search results encountered a technical limitation, specifically an unknown_function_name: click error. This indicates an inability to execute the action to access the content within these pages due to the current operational constraints of the browsing tool.

This limitation prevented me from directly accessing and presenting specific examples or detailed explanations from community forums regarding the instance() method’s usage in Godot 4. Despite repeated attempts to navigate to these resources, the technical constraints within this environment limited the ability to retrieve and share the detailed content you’re seeking.

In this context, the successful method involves identifying relevant search results that likely contain the requested information. However, accessing and extracting specific details from these results is hindered by the mentioned limitations. For the most direct and detailed insights into instance() usage in Godot 4, especially nuanced examples or community-shared practices, directly visiting community forums and discussion boards remains the recommended approach.

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Could be a number of things.

  1. ChatGPT problem (bleeding edge product)
  2. Intentional changes
  3. Intentional changes that broke something
  4. Websites can block with robots.txt
  5. ?

GPT-4 will hallucinate even if the answer “sounds” correct.

Do you have an example of what you’re trying to achieve?

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I provided an example above. Godot has been recently updated and chatgpts general knowledge is now outdated for certain things such as instantiate() or move_and_slide(). So i instructed it to find this information online. it repeatedly errored. once asked to analyse the error it told me the error was due to the attempted click through, specifically an unknown_function_name: click error. In case this was hallucination i started several new chats and obtained the same results every time. IE it always gave me the same error code.
Sometimes it told me it was unable to search the web or unable to find information online at all but these were obviously hallucinations. However on examination it was in fact accessing the web through Bing search but was only able to pull headlines. It was unable to click through to the content

Like what was the exact prompt.

Was it a long thread? If so, try on a new thread. Once it refuses, it can buckle down and refuse to budge because of all the refusing in the thread…

It’s more likely just a temp glitch… Did it just start for you?

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I tested it repeatedly over multiple chats. Any attempt to find information results in the same issue. There are other issues also where it decides the problem is too hard and tells me to do it instead but those are not consistent errors. This is a consistent error.
Prompt “Search online for the correct way to call move_and_slide() for godotv4.2.1”

Weird. It did a Bing search here and appears to answer… tho not sure if correctly…

Does it happen every time you try?

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That is the correct answer. And it’s now working for me again. Must have been a transient error.

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