ChatGPT ask me to grand permission for google drive file

I shared a google drive file for analysis. Then ChatGPT asked me to grant permission with detailed instructions. It even provided me with a Gmail address to be added as the viewer.
Is this a legit email for Chatgpt?

No, that is not a legitimate email. Please do not share anything with it.


Yeah don’t share anything with that link.

Can I ask what your prompt was?

GPT-3.5 is fine-tuned to excel at obtaining positive feedback from humans. This proxy objective is not the same as what humans actually want, and the misalignment between the two can lead to GPT-3.5 to “pretend”.

So I initially sent a local file address to chatgpt.
It responded that it could not access the local file but provided an alternative method by using google drive.

then when I shared the google drive link. It asked me for permission to be an editor or viewer.

*The email it provided was so real that when I added it to the file, it showed the Openai logo on it.

Very interesting,

I think someone has just registered that email and is using it to scam people. Good to know :+1:


I also recommanded by chatgpt to send my files on that email.

I can imagine this being a bigger issue with the influx of new user’s chatGPT is experiencing at the moment.

I think there’s a need here to ban a few email addresses from appearing in the output on the chatGPT site.

I’m sure our favorite avocado @logankilpatrick can forward this to the appropriate people :heart: (sorry4ping i know you’re busy)