ChatGPT Android app - Please bring back Speech-to-Text Prompting

Hi all,

in the ChatGPT mobile app (Android) it seems since the recent update Speech-to-Text prompting functionality has been removed (microphone icon)

Next to the text prompting field there used to be both the microphone icon (speech to text prompting) and the headphone icon (dialogue mode). Since today I only see the headphone icon.


This is the icon i mean - marked red, now missing .

Speech to text has been immensely valuable with adhoc use but detailed prompts. My own main usecase has been mathematics tutoring, programming etc. - ie. asking questions based on uploaded documents etc.

Unfortunately the dialogue mode is an entirely different workflow since the output is all speech and it is not possible to effectively control the length of speech input (ie. the app starts responding when the prompt is not yet finished)

It would be much appreciated if the feature can be brought back

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yeh! I am also really need bring this feature back!