ChatGPT account's Chat History

Huge number of users are facing the issue of non availability of their chat History at their ChatGPT account. I believe due to high demand, it is temporarily disabled. What is your opinion?


I certainly don’t agree with the idea of emptying your chat log like this. I’d rather CHATGPT limit the number of chat logs than disable conversations like this


I believe it is due to some bug, which should be fixed soon … well I am not sure, but it could be a bug :slight_smile:

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This is great advice, however, I was NOT able to SAVE the Chat back again…but I could access it and continue the convo. I tried to save it, but it would at the “moment” not let me create a new one.

They mixed us with simple users. They have 20 days of history. But I have paid for it. And no result… Shame on your, creators

I see it is a bug. Any message I write disappears after reloading

It is up and running again now and I got my History / Conversations back again…and they all seem to be intact. And it also seemed to have Saved the chats I did when the system was “down”.

its not a viable solution, they need to fix this asap.