ChatGPT ABRUPT COMPLETION are so annoying a solution must exist ― Or How to get in touch with OpenAI?

Frustration with AI Tools

I do not mind going to drink a beer (or anything) with Sam Altman (I am from Québec City) but I can talk to anyone at OpenAI…

Appreciation and Frustration

As someone who regularly uses AI tools, I am grateful for the ingenuity behind their creation. However, I often feel exasperation and (more than) mildly annoyed when I encounter issues that seem trivial but cannot be easily fixed.

Challenges with Restarting Conversations

One specific issue that I have encountered is the challenge of restarting conversations with the AI. It feels like an irritating guessing game trying to figure out how to ask the AI to continue a conversation, and when I do attempt to restart a conversation, the AI often restarts from the beginning, without any knowledge of the previous conversation. This can be frustrating and feel like wasted time.

At the end of the day things that seems trivial for me to be fixed and that maybe are not should be fixed (or I feel like I would like to at least understand why it is not possible to do anything)… I am today complaining about something that I can not believe no one have never experienced… an other ABRUPT COMPLETION


Desire for Transparency and Information

As a member of the OpenAI community, I would appreciate more transparency and information about the limitations of AI tools. While I understand that some limitations may be due to safety concerns or competitive advantage, I believe that when these factors are not at play, it would be helpful to be informed about the limitations of the AI. For instance, it would be useful to know the length of a reply that the AI can handle, and to inform the AI about these limits to avoid frustrating restarts.

Call for Community Interaction

I am interested in hearing from others in the OpenAI community who may have experienced similar bitterness or have found effective ways to interact with the AI. If you have any tips or suggestions for interacting with the AI, please share them with me and the community I would love avoid to have those continual disappointment. Together, we can turn our displeasure into constructive interactions and work towards a more convivial AI experience.

Improving the AI Experience Through Community Interaction

By sharing our experiences and annoyance about the AI tools, we can work together to find solutions and improve the AI experience. Let’s start a conversation and collaborate on ways to make the AI tools more user-friendly and efficient avoiding chagrin and vexation.

I must admit that this problem has been solved gracefully and it is even more obvious in the iOS application thanks for how you have made it way more trivial to continue an interruption and how the AI seems aware of the length in which it should try to complete it’s output!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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