Chatgpt-5?-combination of the group of chatgpts-example which can complete a application without knowing any code

I am Chai, A malaysian which don’t know much about the code, but in past few months,I learnt a lot from Chatgpt and knew a lot knowledge that you are hard to find in Google or other browsers.

Let’s start the topic, I am figure out Chatgpt actually can done that for us,

aims to develop an advanced application utilizing multiple specialized ChatGPTs, each responsible for a distinct aspect of the application development process. This modular approach enhances efficiency, flexibility, and user customization.

using Chatgpts structure which can complete a application without knowing any code Modules

  1. Command Processing ChatGPT:
  • Handles user inputs, interprets commands, and delegates tasks to appropriate ChatGPTs.
  1. Programming Language Generation ChatGPT:
  • Generates programming code based on tasks received, catering to specific project requirements.
  1. Web Page Handling ChatGPT:
  • Utilizes generated code to create or modify web page content, ensuring dynamic web presence.
  1. DALL-E Style Interface Design ChatGPT:
  • Designs user interfaces in a DALL-E-inspired style, providing creative and visually appealing layouts.
  1. Framework Selection ChatGPT:
  • Recommends programming languages and frameworks based on user preferences and project needs.
  1. Functional Module Input Interface ChatGPT:
  • Manages a user interface for inputting and customizing functional modules required by the user.
  1. API Integration ChatGPT:
  • Handles the integration of external APIs, ensuring seamless functionality and data exchange.
  1. Testing Environment Display ChatGPT:
  • Runs the developed code in a test environment, providing users with access links for review and feedback.
  1. Cloud Server Upload ChatGPT:
  • Manages the deployment of the final code, including uploading to cloud servers with user-selected hosting options.


The application operates in a coordinated manner, where user inputs are processed and transformed into actionable tasks. These tasks are then handled by specialized ChatGPTs, each contributing to the development process, from code generation to deployment.

And It could be a private application which have the most suitable need for each of them, which the only feature that they need. All in one application