ChatGPT 4o session freezes or does not load properly all the time


I am experiencing an issue with my ChatGPT session. It often freezes or does not load properly, preventing me from using it effectively. Attached is a screenshot showing the problem.
I asked chatgpt to walk me through how to find and change the pointer-event to none and was able to change it:

Too complicated, and unclear:
If Open the Webpage in Your Browser: First, navigate to the webpage where you’re experiencing the issue.
press Ctrl+Shift+I does not bring me to Elements, this opens “Customize ChatGPT”

Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to fix the issue where a div (a section on a webpage) is blocking input because of its “pointer-events” setting:

  1. Open the Webpage in Your Browser: First, navigate to the webpage where you’re experiencing the issue.
  2. Access Developer Tools:
  • If you’re using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, press Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows/Linux or Cmd+Opt+I on a Mac. [or right-click and select ‘inspect element’]
  • If you’re using Safari, first ensure that the Develop menu is enabled by going to Safari’s Preferences (Cmd+,), clicking on the Advanced tab, and checking the box at the bottom that says “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. Then, you can access the Developer Tools by pressing Cmd+Opt+I.
  1. Open the Elements/Inspector Tab: In the Developer Tools panel that appears, click on the “Elements” tab if you’re using Chrome or Edge, or the “Inspector” tab if you’re using Firefox or Safari. This tab shows the HTML structure of the webpage.
  2. Find the Div Causing the Issue:
  • You can manually scroll through the HTML structure to find the <div> with the id enforcement-containerchatgpt-paid, or
  • You can use the search function within the Developer Tools by pressing Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F on a Mac) and typing enforcement-containerchatgpt-paid to quickly find the div.
  1. Select the Div: Click on the <div> tag in the Developer Tools to select it. This will highlight the code responsible for the div in question.
  2. Access the Style Settings: Once the div is selected, look for the “Styles” pane in the Developer Tools. This pane usually appears on the right side of the Developer Tools window [or below]. Here, you’ll see various CSS styles that are applied to the selected div.
  3. Change the Pointer-Events Setting:
  • Find the line that says pointer-events: auto;.
  • Double-click on the word “auto” and change it to “none”.
  • Press Enter to apply the change.
  1. Test the Interface: After making this change, click somewhere on the webpage outside of the Developer Tools panel to ensure that the interface works again and the div no longer blocks input.
  2. Close the Developer Tools: Once you’ve confirmed that the issue is fixed, you can close the Developer Tools by clicking the close button (X) on the panel or pressing Ctrl+Shift+I (or Cmd+Opt+I on a Mac) again.

I’m trying to find the “Submit a Request” or “Contact Support” button, to send my problem to support. And can’t find on website, how to contact support. I’m on a paid plan

Could you please assist me in resolving this issue?

Thank you


I’m seeing the same, the site has been unusable for about 2 hours now in Chrome! The message box where you type your text never actually posts the text until you change the pointer-events variable describe by @eyaltu. As a chrome user, I’ve had to resort to the Android app.

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I’m seeing similar behavior in Firefox on Win11. Please roll back. Tests are not just for Backend y’all. :kissing_heart:

Edit: Isolated to incompatibility with Ad Block Plus. Please stop breaking common plugins :raised_hands:

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By the way, I also did this (but in Chrome):

Open the uBlock Origin dashboard by clicking on the uBlock Origin icon in your browser, then clicking the dashboard/settings icon.

Go to the “My filters” tab where you can add custom rules.

Enter your domain-specific filter in the text area provided. If you’re targeting and want to hide the #enforcement-containerchatgpt-paid element only on this site, you’d enter:
Apply the changes by clicking the “Apply changes” button to save your new filter.

Not working for me.
Does anyone have a link to write to their support?

Can’t find an email address to send support a message about this problem, nor on their website.

What do you mean roll back?

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