ChatGPT-4 Chat Messages Per Hour Complaint

Really hard to see a use when it is so opaque about how it functions in regards to caps. The absurdity, and really just a business being a business, of limiting behind the scenes use with very hard guard rails, but let you run a wild bill with middling performance when open to the public - who have no idea about the behind the scenes cost to whoevers GPT is being used.

The limitations of OpenAIs infrastructure, and in reality the availablity/existence of technology that could allow local use, is making the platform seem like a case study in “just good enough.”

Highly debating on not renewing given the lack of transparency around this. Am I supposed to count every message I send? That detracts from usefulness.

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There is a severe decline in his ability to understand texts, as well as mathematical equations and responses that have nothing to do with what is being asked or the dialogue. If there is a reason, please explain it.