ChatGPT 4 browser tab high ram usage issue


While using chatgpt 4 model from few months I observed that the chatgpt uses client machine resources to analyze the chats in a chat session. It does not use much of a ram when the chat session is new and has less conversations. But when a chat session has pretty long conversations then the ram usage keeps on increasing. That too even if you are not doing any conversation with the model the ram usage is constantly high. If you open the chat session with long conversation history then also the ram usage spikes up instantly and the browser tab starts to hang.

From the usage I think that continue doing conversation in the same session will eventually increase the ram usage. In the screenshot as you can see that ram usage is pretty high even when it is active without me being prompting to the model.

In my case it went up to maximum of 2.2 GB :fire: of ram when the model starts to process and generate the output and my laptop has only 8GB of ram.

Even if I or someone else try to continue the conversation in a new chat session by providing the older chat session shareable link to the model for reference to the past conversations. But honestly that does not work well. I have tried. :frowning:

So, I think that developers should do the processing of the conversation on their servers instead of the client machine. They should implement it as soon as possible because I think that the ram usage keeps on increasing with more conversations in the session with the gpt4 model.

Let me know if someone else is also facing this issue. If someone is able to found a solution to this problem then please share. :melting_face:

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This is happening with me also, any solution for this?
My browser is freezing constantly, no way to use it.
The browser only freezes when using chatgpt.

  1. The main solution I got is to create a new chat session every time the memory usage of tab exceeds 800MB or when your browser/PC starts to lag.

  2. Try to edit your prompts if the output of model is not what you want instead of adding new messages in the conversation history.

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Same issue, the longer the conversation the more often the tab crashes or hangs. I’m developing some code and can’t just open a new conversation, as it would lose all context and I’d have to explain everything all over again, making the conversation again longer and longer and end up at the same point. We need a fix for this maybe by limiting how far back it processes the conversation, as now it’s not that important anymore to know context from the very beginning of the conversation but from the last quarter or third.

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You need to stop relying on the context of the conversation history that chatgpt get. The larger the conversation the larger the context size. Remember that context window also has a limit. So, if you are developing something then you need to breakdown the development into small parts and summarize content as much as you can. If you have a code or a class which is doing something then you can simply give its explanation in few words. If it is a complex class or file and is under the your chatGPT plan input limit. Then copy paste the file code and tell ChatGPT to analyze it. Then in the next message tell it something else and slowly slowly you will be able to build your code in parts. ChatGPT is not efficient in remembering things and it has limitations. So, try to keep things seperate and short.

Namaskaram :raised_hands:t2:

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Same thing 2gb memory uses, I didn’t notice but suddenly chrome show me out of memory page.

Same here. Every message generates so much data in RAM… this is ridiculous. It depends on the message length, but they can take even up to 800mb RAM for one response. I noticed it when my tab with chatGPT was frozen, and Firefox informed me that this tab is slowing my PC. I looked into task manager and this tab took over 5GB RAM. I have to refresh the site after few responses to release some data, but it should not work this way…

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As new chats are added, RAM usage reaches abnormal levels. There was no problem in my previous uses, I hope it will be solved.

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I am now getting this error as well.

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Same, I have been doing some python coding and I noticed over the weekend it would crash my browser or tab. Today it is almost unusable. I agree i hope they get it fixed.

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Chrome browser frequent crash happening in ChatGpt 4o , edge browser also crashing.

Memory issues with GPT 4o. Or its a bug.

8gb ram pc, now trying to upgrade it to 16 / 32 gb ram.

Yes same here, my computer have 32gb but still crashes, only in chatgpt-4 model for codes.


Got a nice idea for the frontend team:

You could reload the whole page from time to time and make the chat-history that is shown in the browser to load only when you scroll up…

I mean thanks for saving shortly before it crashes though :slight_smile: