Chat select upon thumbs down broken. (on Chrome?)

I’m using the most recent update for Google Chrome.

Now, the dialog box when you thumbs down a response and it asks you to select which response you want is broken.

When you it pops up and tries to get you to select a message, there is no way to scroll down. There’s no scroll bar at all, so the only thing I can actually click to change anything on this screen is the X in the upper right corner to close the window.

This was not the case before, but as I got frustrated and stopped using ChatGPT for most of the last month, I’m not sure when this change happened.

I just know this is obviously broken. I am not sure if it appears this way on different browsers as Chrome is really the only browser I use ChatGPT in.

When I use my mouse scroll wheel, I can tell it is scrolling the ChatGPT window behind this pop-up. I’ve tried clicking the pop-up to see if it was a focus issue but it has made no difference.

It only showed my prompt in the space, so I couldn’t even see the options to select the conversation at all, not even the top of them where it normally splits in two to show the side-by-side.