Chat Limits too low! 40 message per 3hours on GPT4?

Just upgraded to see the difference. play around to make my custom gpt in about 15 min - 20 min got kicked becuase of some limit. have to wait for 3 hours to most likely have a 15min - 20 min go again. RIP OFF! I feel i have been scammed out of my money. This is a terrible first impression. so much so i felt a need to make a account here to vent. Which is not a good sign for a paying customer. BAD IMPRESSION. Really dont care about the hype surrounding openai. Will definitely cancel my subscription once it runs out and not EVER renew. Will wait for the free open source ai or a MUCH MORE COST RESPECTFUL chinese or indian ai equivalent no doubt coming down the pipe 2 years from now. Really pissed and feel rip off right now. Served me right for giving good faith to a silicon valley company in the first place. PS - what little time i had with 4, had a sense of Google Gemini -condescending woke.


I just got the “premium” to compare and got slapped with messages cap. This truly suck. Not renewing.

This should be illegal. When purchasing, I didn’t see mention of a limit anywhere. Cancelled my renewal.

Not really, you did accept OpenAI’s TOS.

The reality is that the majority of my messages are to try to fix what GPT-4 is doing wrong. I ‘spend’ all of my messages back and forth trying to get it to do what I asked for in the first prompt. My message cap should not be used when it keeps giving me incorrect responses. For example, I spent all of my message cap trying to get it to create a simple two word image. It kept misspelling the words. Now I have to wait 3 hours and try again.


Chat GPT 4 limitations is a joke. I haven’t used it at all the last few weeks to use it today and be restricted. I would say about 70% of my requests had a network disconnection on ChatGPT’s end. How many of these responses were classed as a message? I’m using it since the first offering of a paid plan and feel it’s only gotten worse since then.

Totally agree. I had the same issue just now. Constantly telling it to fix a repeated task that ut initially completed fine and once I asked to repeat the task with new information I ended up having to tell it to read back on previous answers in the thread. Most of my limit wasted on simple instruction fixes. Frustrating. Time to move to BARD I reckon. Tried to actually contribute to openAI by going paid from day 1. Disappointed!

I feel the same. I just upgraded, did a few tests and boom, can’t use it anymore. Did around 25 questions.

The limitation is not mentioned in the sales pitch to upgrade. Feels like a scam.

Yes, it’s an organized scam that goes above the law.
You pay, you are limited, they explain to you that it’s because there are too many people, and at the same time, they offer new offers 5 times more expensive.
Typical of scammers

If you have ever attempted to run a local AI you will understand how much computational power is needed to run a model such as GPT-4 and how much high-end computers that can run it cost.

With an estimated 3+ million requests being sent a day they need to limit people so that more users can access it. Even if you don’t use GPT-4 I would still recommend upgrading just for the faster unlimited GPT-3.5.

Currently, I have a cap of 50 messages every 3 hours after the latest update, which removed plugins, so it seems they have just been upping the rate limit.

I’m not going to lie, I kinda ran head first into the brick wall of question limits when working on the custom GPT I was working on, I was in such a state of flow and was very much a record scratch in my head XD I wish there was a plan that allows me to use it more.

I’m not in favor of 60 messages per 6 hours, unless the subscription price drops.
Right now we are receiving 40 messages every 3 hours. That’s 80 messages in 6 hours.
Taking 20 messages from us, and making us potentially wait (If we use all of the messages in 2 hours) 4 hours for a reset is unrealistic.

Perhaps, if GPT-4, as well as My GPT were more accurate, we wouldn’t waste messages.

For example, I uploaded a single ~800 word document to My GPT today, then created the GPT. I asked it questions based on the document’s information, and it was wrong more often that it was correct.

I was simply testing it’s ability, to learn if I could trust it or not. It failed…and I used up my three hour allotment, while gaining zero productivity.

We’re not paying to test GPT, we pay to use it.

They do say this:
Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 4.40.26 PM

I provided an alternate solution with a longer window, that in your particular case, would have allowed you to continue your nonstop engagement with ChatGPT were it to be implemented. You are not in favor of something that would have given you immediate benefit?

It doesn’t matter anyway: OpenAI has removed language about how many “inputs” you get per time from ChatGPT Plus’ GPT-4. This means they could use whatever algorithm they want to prevent abusers in the future, rather than a strict and disclosed system. They also would have the ability to consider the computational complexity and internal iterations being employed in answering inputs, or whatever other solution gives unfair use of subscription a penalty.

I’m simply not in favor of lowering the number of inputs per month unless the subscription price drops as well.

You just informed me that open AI no longer has a quota on inputs, but rather uses its own judgment and applies it as they see fit, So this topic is sort of moot now.

Although if the input quota or should I say cap we’re still active then 40 inputs every 3 hours is much greater than 60 every 6 hours.

You’re looking at 9600 potential inputs per monthly subscription versus 7200.

Anyway based on the performance today, I’m considering installing Stability AI on a PC. For my purposes, I would rather train my own offline GPT.


A potential cap that is not CLEARLY stated to Free users before their upgrade.


  • “Unlimited messages, interactions, and history”

Everything in Free, and:

  • “Access to GPT-4, our most capable model”

Nothing states that GPT-4 has a limit. As an end user I expect that in Free I have unlimited messages, interactions and history and what comes to Plus plan I also get unlimited messages as stated and access to GPT-4. Shouldn’t it be stated that GPT-4 has limits, even though I get unlimited messages, interactions and history with the Free plan?

So is there a limit, or is there not a limit? As far as I’m concerned, there is no limit. It’s not clearly stated. I had a subscription, but I basically let it run out. I don’t feel comfortable with limits. Rather than paying $20 in advance to get 40 messages in 3 hours, I’d rather pay per message.

You can do that here: After you set up your billing information you can use the playground (linked above) or a custom UI to communicate with GPT-4. You will only be charged for the number of messages you send it. You can see pricing here: Pricing, but one of the biggest downsides is that it has no memory of previous chats unless you program it to, and then you pay for not only your current message but every message above.

Again, it comes down to whether you think it is clearly expressed and easily accessible. If I am in the role of end user in the chat window and I would like to buy a Plus subscription so where in the order process does it clearly state that it has a cap?

In practice, you have to open the Help article separately to find out that it has a cap, unlike with a quick order from that window, it lets you assume something completely different until Plus is unlocked and cap text appears on the screen.

In my opinion this is misleading advertising to get more subscribers.

same story - won’t pay for it anymore, 22,99€ per month for couple of questions a day - not ha;py at all