Chat Limits too low! 40 message per 3hours on GPT4?

Hey everyone this is my first msg. Hi let’s choose to express what we want not what we don’t want that’s natural law.

Anyways, yes 40 msgs is too low for 20/month or $240/yr. Let’s compile all this and submit as a collective the issue, and see if they want to change it.

Idk how to do all that, I also wonder if OpenAI reads this.

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If someone compiles all of this in a GPT exchange and then uses 10 messages to ask GPT how to change it and submits all of that I will execute accordingly.

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OpenAI staff members who work on ChatGPT will almost certainly not see this.

The issue is there is so much demand for this service that they have to keep it at that to make it widely accessible. And with them using dozens-hundreds of these: it is hard for them to scale.

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I did not use at all today. I took a picture of one person, ChatGPT CTO Mira Murati, asked who it was, it said it had no idea who it was, I then reminded it that it was their CTO, and then it gave a brief description of her, and then told me I was over my limit for the day. WTF, Open AI. I totally get the idea of making money off of a product and fully support that, but to say, “Free for everyone” when that really means, literally one question? Please advise. Don’t worry too much, Google Gemini Advanced was actually a bit more stupid yesterday as well.

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I don’t like that they allowed me to use chatgpt4.0 because, of the fact that I’ve always used chat gpt3.5. even the things me and the AI did were also pretty complex, but I am always able to move it back to the right direction. I guess I was at least amazed that 4.0 was free, but I still liked 3.5 better with its unlimited text. I reached the limit of use I’m able to do. The real problem was is that because me and the AI were working on complex stuff, because of the new update it forced me to use 4.0. I liked it at first. But then came the limit at an extremely early time. It only allowed me to use 13 or 19 texts depending on if the text editing count actually counts. It now is saying that I’ve reached the chat limit. Is there anyway for me to use 3.5 for the entire thing I’m doing? It won’t even allow me to switch back anymore. To be honest this is actually the first time I’ve had problems.

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Agreed the limitation is too low, limit the free users instead we are paying here! If you think it does not worth it ok take more my cut the restrictions it’s just frustrating…

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I just wanted to test GPT-4o and paid for plus just to get restricted of its usage after about an hour.

I wanted to use it to prepare for a certification and then play around with the other features.

Well, my certification is tomorrow, so I can basically cancel my subscription right away and completely wasted my money haha. I cannot just ask a few questions and then wait for whole 3h to ask a few again.

Going back to Gemini subscription without limitations… so sad.

I, nor your LLM are perfect, so sometimes it just takes some questions and refinements to get the right answer or format as wanted. I am halfway through the limit already when I am ready to start getting satisfactory results…

I do not understand why anyone would pay for this at the moment tbh.