Chat Limits too low! 40 message per 3hours on GPT4?

I’m paying $20 a month for this service and you limit my messages WTF…reason to cancel. %40 were network errors or non responses. BS waste of money Google is free. And most answers are essentially are what Google returns as I usually have to ask the question 3x to get what I want.

I didn’t get close to 40 messages training my custom GPT and I got the limit alert. Something must be wrong, if so many users are reporting the same. I am looking into other options. Any recommendations to other no-code tools that I can build GPTs and integrate it with other apps?

Far too many messages here. But I agree… I was wondering if I was going to cancel my $20 subscription that I’ve had for so long now… Magic is going somewhere but not here :frowning:

Same here. The cap is to small specially considering how much tweaking this thing needs to do what you want and remove mistakes and errors. What is the point of paying? I am seeing no advantage over the free one.

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Same here, after few msgs get reach capped, you have 20 msgs… so its like 4 msg in 3 hourse, because you have to always fix his wrong answers :smiley: gg

I have something very weird here. When I reached the limit, I waited until I could use 4.0 again. When I did, I was working on a php script, it suddenly came with this:

Verstehe, lassen Sie uns noch einmal betrachten, worum es in Ihrer Anfrage geht. Sie haben nach einem Bild gefragt, das eine Szene in einem antiken ägyptischen Tempel darstellt, in der eine Pharaonin, die eine Krone trägt und von einer Gruppe von Priestern und Priesterinnen begleitet wird, eine rituelle Handlung durchführt. Das Bild soll detailliert sein und Elemente wie Hieroglyphen, Säulen und vielleicht sogar einen Blick auf den Nil durch ein Fenster enthalten.


468 / 5.000



I see, let’s review what your query is about. You asked for an image depicting a scene in an ancient Egyptian temple in which a female pharaoh wearing a crown and accompanied by a group of priests and priestesses performs a ritual act. The image is said to be detailed and include elements such as hieroglyphs, columns and perhaps even a view of the Nile through a window.

This had nothing to do with what we talked before. I asked, if it is not able to follow the chat before, but it refused to answer. I got the same:

I apologize for any misunderstanding and confusion that may have arisen. Let us address your concerns. How can I help you?

again and again.

We were not able to continue the work on my script until I again reached my limit. I am a bit upset. Is this some tactics to use up the the budget of prompts more easy?

The chat was in German language.

Same thing happening here. No way that was 40 messeges/3hours… skipping on the fact that the limit used to be 50/3hours. Now not only is it less but they don’t respect the limit anyway… I want to generate some content that I need for learning, and not only do I have to fix his answers all the time now, because his instruction following got absolutely stoopid (possibly with the context lenght increase i’ve noticed, possibly some bad context compression techniques).
So after trying to get answers that would be satisfactory I’ve got rate limited after only about I’d say 15-20 attempts at regenerating his answers with different prompting. Great job OpenAI, I’d love to see this website get scrapped by the rivals soon, maybe either the subscription will be less there, or they will actually value the customer.

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@Ruphobia I agree with everything you said about training. I’ve heard the total cost sunk into ChatGPT4 is around one half billion $. So getting it for free, or almost free at $20/month, is a bargain!

BUT, I purchased this with the expectation that I could do useful work, because I demonstrated to myself that this was true before. Its an insane bargain, but I wouldn’t have bought in if the service was useless to me.

Now the service is useless to me. I don’t care what kind of bargain it is. I know only that they sold me a service that was useful to me, and now it is useless.

That is classic bait and switch.

This limitation is not useful at all. I understand that everyone has different requirements, but when I pay 20 USD / month i want to have a better tailored option. Instead of restricting it to 40 messages in 3 hours they could restrict it to 250 messages per 24 hours. That would made my day and I would be able to use the system much more efficient for myself. They could just make a button for the payed users to choose: which is fitting you better today. And we just choose it and it will be stored for 24 hours. after that it can be adjusted if required. This would give a much better way for users to be efficient and use ChatGPT in better ways.

When the dumb message cap limit will be removed?

It’s pretty low of OpenAI to not inform me about this restriction during the sign-up process. I’m shocked. This is pretty sketchy. I’m also confused of the talk about a supposed limit for 3.5 because I never even noticed one and I use it a lot… unless the times when it hangs unexpectedly without error was supposed to be some vague indicator that I reached some limit.

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I suspect there will eventually be a class action against ChatGPT for this.

Oh no, I hope the $20/month isn’t a special “low availability” rate and if and when the restriction is lifted they also raise the price. :astonished: