Chat GPT4 and GPT builder: what's the hype for?

I just subscribed to chatgpt plus and started building my GPT. The amounf of mistakes and limitations in the building of my GPT is mind boggling! Basically there is no way this could work very well otherwise it’d make a lot of people rich. And I was right: chatgpt4, GPT BUILDER; the image Ai app… what the f? It’s litterally shit… can’t customize the gpt you just built. Can’t give bew informations output.

Help? How can you really make it amazing as an assistant if the infos the gpt gives is the same as gpt?

I think the goal is to leverage tool usage, or “Actions” via API calls.
It is buggy though, so that a genuine issue. I hope it becomes more reliable soon before the GPT store is launched.

A lot of AI twitter influencers are hyping it up, but it does have many limitations. It is good for the average user because it lowers the barrier to entry.

I find them user as now I don’t have to copy and paste different custom instructions from a text file.

The API is where the opportunities are, but it is less exciting for the average user.