Chat-gpt based on GPT-4 across platforms

This is the best so far, when accessed through GPT-Plus.
No other existing solution comes even close. This is why I renewed my

But we want more specific application of the GPT technology and we would pay
for this. Such as summarizing documents, writing essays . Solving problems of mathematical nature when the input is natural language and graphs. I know people work on this already, but I felt i should stress this.

Writing poems, novels , translating , writing mail and so on…

And we need the model to be able to reason on new data , comparing them with old data, and produce more comprehensive and in-depth answers. Though the pretrained model does a marvelous job with the data it has been trained on , when it encounters something new , it usually fails to integrate the new knowledge to its preexisitng knowledge from core data.

"Fail " as in figure of speech . It doesn’t actually fail , but what it does in these circumstances , though impressive it is not enough.

PS. A big thanks to all the engineers of OpenAI that made these generative transformers so capable and accessible.