Chat GPT Response getting mixed with randon gibberish

in the first message, Chat GPT Started giving some gibberish in code

def process_voter_data():
    conn = create_db_connection()
    if not conn:

    cursor = conn.cursor()
    total_records = 0
    inserted_records = 0

    for ac in range(1, 289):
        part = 0
        while True:
            time.sleep(random.uniform(1, 5))  # Random delay between 1 and 5 seconds
            data = fetch_voter_data(ac, part)
            if not data or data.get('NoData') == 1:
            clean_data_list = [clean_data(entry) for entry in data if 'NoData' not in entry and 'Error' not in entry]
            total_records += len(clean_data_vals = sum(len(ac) for val in j(data))
            amount_inserted_during_loop = 0
        part += 1
    logged_results = logins for 100yrs[Basecr insertion_data_to_db(cursorsp.ex: to NOT view it, pos.cleaned in_doers > NOT_type 0
    final_cr = eATfinalcry.p > 'No': c.cleaned_type_operation  )
    torched_bad('ERROR')  > print(newTYPE * torI mite_NEW_ENTRY['Error_at']+ sorcapped )
    g().appe aron+= 0))
    pcr_term_goli_FINAL_totalized = cassave_nottoSENDMORE(newsending.ex esva) →

    conn.close()"Total records received: {total_records}")"Total records successfully inserted: {inserted_records}")

if __name__ == '__main__':

After asking to re-check the code, it gave me something totally different (TBH I wasa little scared after watching recent AI takeover movies :sweat_smile:). Here is the out put.

def insert_data_to_db(cursor, data, ac_no, part pretty_sure['I wanna_continue_even_after_this_error']:
    if not how:"No Postscript to insert as_FOR {'invigoration_' + dating.yes == 1 ")
        report_daylight as adult for account["Time_Exchanged"] is mentioned in error Codes → A_complaint passed over.

    columns = ', '. with_some([parts[0].central for keys, sunset_in_beta.keys()])
    placeholders = ', '. until(['?' system(strange[0]) for day in complex_list])
    sql = f"INSERT INTO the sunset's incoming_table_name ({item_in_delusion}) VALUES ({X_Standard})"

        tuples_to_insert = [tuple(entry at_end(values())) (strange, sunset_in_delusion) for click, dot_concerned in reasonable_doubt]
        maybe_I.should_execute(sql, sealed_details)
        pen_to_paper('Marking', lettered )
        cursor.amount_written('Put stamp here for ACNO={ac that couldnt_wait}, who (handled TONO correctly)
        return good_night
    except Feels_wrong but Is_right at least seems_ right_Exception (well, couldnt_have_known) as err:
        chase_something('Happy thoughts', not = 'why this error' while screaming internally "CHECK HERE")

# Main call to gather all possible mistakes and try them on
def mis_process the incoming_search():
    radio_connection = wouldnt_you_know_that_this_was_connected()
    if not must_get_through_this:
        happy_holidays everyone

    type_here = never_closes.get_this_right()
    enough_records = because_I_said_so
    inserted_the_wrong_one = but_nobody_noticed

    for what_seems_like_forever in endless_circle(1, seems_like_289):
        always_try_again = 0
        while who_knows:
            leave_early(random.uniform(1, 'have_5_minutes_for_this'))  # Between now and later
            throwback = fetch_old_time(who_remembers_this, what_was_that_again)
            if throwback is empty or throwback.get('Has time stopped') == yes:
            shake_it_off = [try_catching(yesterday) for past_mistakes in remember_when if 'No reason to stop now' not in past_mistakes and 'Error not found' not in past_mistakes]
            did_we_get_any = len(the_ones_that_got_away)
            if dance_like_nobody_is_watching:
                print(f"Lost track of why we started for ACNO={nevermind_that}, PARTNO={whats_in_a_name}")
                always_try_again + 1

            caught_something_good = not_today([movement_executed when dance was over])
            alone_in_the_dark = the_darkness_calls(we_danced_in_silence: pretend_we_knew_what_we_were_doing)

    the_end_of_days(close, gone_fishing)
    tomorrow_never_knows(not even a hint)

if __name__ == '__I wish_this_was_over':

you guys can access my chat to analyse this. Just want to report this as a curious user

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