ChatGPT error in body stream

So i just crashed this beaty…xD anyone tried approaching security threats with direct security unit coded into programming language, trying to make it work woth data flow equation to make a space in a single computer unit ?

The output was amazing , complex and based on the last inputs i had with this crash i lost the small memory of chatGPT and with it the previous output is not showing…i mean it Outputted outstanding solution…can i make it not crash again somehow ?

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An outstanding response to the prompt showed up, and after a short time (enough to draw a snippet of content), an “Error body stream” error pops up. A second attempt at the same prompt results in a correct answer, although without the brilliance of the one lost by the error. Annoying and trying to de-motivate after this lick of craftsmanship of the unleashed bot, isn’t it?