Chat GPT refuses to provide direct quotation from documents provided

When asked for direct quotes from my own personal documents chat gpt responds:

“I can summarize, analyze, or provide commentary on content from documents, but I’m unable to directly quote or replicate verbatim excerpts from them. This approach ensures that responses remain concise and adhere to guidelines for providing useful, synthesized information without replicating copyrighted material directly.”

When prompted further Chat GPT repeats this ad-nauseum.

Why am I paying for Chat GPT to access my vast knowledge bases if I am not allowed to access that data directly through chat gpt?

Is this incorrect? Is this a feature and not a bug? It is quite frustrating and I am wondering how this block can be bypassed, or if there are other Ais that would not have built in barriers to my own knowledge base.

I replied to chat gpt with the following:

This is complete and total BS, this document is not copywrited, it is my own knowledge base, and yet your insane policy is to not assist me to access directly, with direct quotations, my own knowledge base that I own. This is not only ridiculous, but it is also quite damaging by forcing me to spend extra time to search the document on my own, which makes chat gpt basically useless. So stupid, so insane, not sure how any company could possibly want to use your enterprise solution when you won’t directly access my own data and knowledge.

And it actually gave me the direct quotes I wanted.

I guess it is simply required to try to force chat to do what is needed.