Copyright issues when asked to Summarise the Book

So I wanted GPT to give me the extended summary of the book I uploaded. I’ve been getting only short ones, so when I asked why is it so, here is the response

‘Expanding each section to 500 words based on a specific source, such as a copyrighted book, could potentially involve closely paraphrasing or summarizing extensive parts of the text, which risks infringing on the author’s copyright. This platform is designed to respect intellectual property rights by avoiding the reproduction of copyrighted material beyond what is allowed under fair use guidelines.’

Any advice/recommendation on how to or where to do it so it would respect the copyright?

Well, is the book that you uploaded in copyright? (Unless it’s from before 1929, the answer is probably yes.) If so, then you’re unlikely to be able to do this task.

An alternative approach would be to show ChatGPT an example of what you want, so that you can explain to it how this task doesn’t paraphrase the text in a way that would infringe on the copyright.

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Advice? Use Claude. It will actually summarize material, which at the moment ChatGPT will not. And it deals with much larger files.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around OpenAI’s nonsensical “ethics” restrictions. OpenAI acts as if everything that ChatGPT generates is going to be turned around and tossed out onto the web as if it were original work.

That is absolutely NOT what I want to use it for. I want it to summarize information for my benefit and reference. When I read a book, paper, or article, I take notes, summarize, capture useful excerpts and the like. Those are for my reference as I engage the material. I have identically zero interest in letting an AI do the writing or the thinking for me.

I don’t want ChatGPT to write things for me. I want ChatGPT to work with me as I actively engage material. That’s not possible if ChatGPT refuses to summarize, extract quantitative and qualitative information, find relevant quotes and passages and the like.

OpenAI seems to think that all of its users are either college kids trying to get it to write essays for them, or people who want to steal text wholesale from other sources. That characterization is grossly unfair and insulting to people who want LLMs to work along beside them as they engage ideas and information.

I want ChatGPT to serve the role of a good research assistant, identifying sources, summarizing content, and generate new knowledge and ideas. It is perfectly capable of doing so. I’ve used it that way. OpenAI’s current reactionary attitude toward “ethics” slams the door on that kind of use.