Chat GPT and LaTeX - compatible?

No worries mate,

I understand, i would probably have figured that out by myself at some point :sweat_smile:

I know you just got access and can’t give a complete review of something that’s still in the testing phase, but what is your initial impression so far?

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I really only tried out the Wolfram one for a few prompts to see if it worked. I also have been compiling a list of the ChatGPT plugins (in the store and unverified) which hopefully will become a public post later this week. Per Logan this would not be a good idea for a valid reason. As I don’t know if the reason should be made public will not give the details.

My real goal with them was noted here when I first learned of them. Also considering doing one for Lambda Calculus, think reduction strategies. Hopefully it will give me some much needed insight into the inner workings of how LLMs work, I would not be surprised if some of the reduction strategies never work and can not be learned with a transformer.

One of the better sites for learning Lambda Calculus

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Interesting stuff, sounds like a good idea!

I have the same gut feeling as you, but I’m kinda excited to about trying to have chatGPT+wolfram solve physics problems using the Buckingham pi theorem :laughing:

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Update: the prompt doesn’t work always. Sometimes ChatGPT just don’t compile the TeX code even if a give her the prompt. Now I tried Texallthings via Chrome and it makes problems. :frowning: ChatGPT doubles text and breaks it when writing LaTeX code. This sucks since it is my main learning partner for Newton okunkov theory. :woman_shrugging:

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