Chat gpt 4o cannot be selected

.Hello the following problem. I wanted to try gpt-4o today. Unfortunately I am not shown gpt-4o but only gpt-4.0 . It is not selectable because it is not even displayed. I also created a 2nd account because I thought there might be problems with my account but no gpt-4o is displayed in the new account either. Does anyone know the error? Is gpt-4o being rolled out in stages? Is there perhaps a country restriction?


Same problem in South Korea. I had 4o on 5/13 and then from the next day, it says “ChatGPT” and “ChatGPT Plus” are my options, with no mention of 3.5, 4o, or 4.0. Anyone know what this is about? I have a great plugin called AIPRM that helps with prompts and I shut if off to see if that made a difference, but it still says the same thing.
Developers, is it only for certain countries or what?