Chat Gpt-4 Slow and Network Errors

It’s a couple of days Chat-Gpt 4 is slow and today I have a lot of “network errors” so that I can’t use it as I wish.
Is it just me or there is something going on?



Chat-Gpt4 is ridiculously slow on my end.


Same. Constant “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong” but only on ChatGPT4. 3.5 seems fine. Maybe if I paid the monthly subscription, I’d get priority… oh wait… I do.


Yes, i cannot work
In general (i`m a plus user since the very beginning) month by month chat gpt-4 went from a usefull tool to a waste of time

it struggles to do the simplest things
it does not do what it is asked to do

i used to use it for mundane work like lets say i have a long dataclass and wanted to rearrange it, or add a language option translation

it was able to change all the items based on a provided example

now he will not do it… it gives me back the example and tells me to do it myself… lol

That is Microsoft for you :confused: it was the same with Azure. used to be cheap and usefull and fast, now its a bug ridden slow mess and the cheapest VM performs way better :confused:


Its ridiculously slow with network error from last week for me too. Most of the time it’s not able to generate the full response & giving “error in message stream” even regenerating the response won’t help. My subscription renewed last week only :frowning: … any news when it will be fix :frowning:


Honestly, it’s beginning to feel like a scam. Paying good money for rubbish performance lately. It has become completely useless, and I can’t work. I should have switched to Claude long ago.


I’ve been encountering several errors in the developer console’s network communication logs and console logs, including terms like “workspace” from the newly released team plan.

Here are some of the error messages:

  1. API error: Must use workspace account for this operation.
  2. Failed to load resources: the server responded with a status of 404()
    text being cut off,
    various HTTP errors (502, 503, 401),
    bullet points starting with the number 1,
    and unnatural line breaks.

I’ve already provided a screenshot when I first reached out for help, yet the response I received from OpenAI’s help seemed to be a generic one, which included a request for more information and screenshots.

Below is the exact reply from OpenAI’s help, enclosed within tags to conserve space:


Hi there,

Sorry for the trouble! Without more information, it’s hard to tell for sure, but this could either be a temporary glitch on our end or an issue with how your computer is connecting to our services.

As a first step, it’s important to try using an incognito browser window, a different browser or computer, or a different network. It’s possible that a browser extension is causing issues, especially if you installed an extension to add functionality to ChatGPT.

If you’re encountering this problem intermittently, we recommend checking our status page ( when you get an error like this to see if we’re already aware and fixing it. Although we’re continuously making our services more reliable, our servers may experience intermittent errors during particularly high traffic.

In most cases, you can simply wait a few minutes and try again. If you’re still running into problems, it’d help if you can try these steps first to help us figure out what might be going on:

Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies
Disable VPN (If you are using one)
Use an incognito browser or a different internet browser/computer to see if the issue still persists, as a security add-on or extension can occasionally cause this type of error.
Disable cookie blockers
Try connecting to another network

If none of that worked, could you send us more information about the steps you took leading up to the error (such as anything you clicked on), as well as details about what happened when you tried the steps above? More info about the error message itself is helpful too, especially specific wording or a screenshot. We’ll take a look and do what we can to fix it with you.

  • OpenAI Team

I followed up by attaching a file with various information about my environment, including the fact that I’m not using a VPN or any extensions.

I understand that the status page may not reflect individual user problems and that not all issues are widespread.

However, I believe the problems I’m experiencing are not isolated to my environment alone.

I’m eager to see how OpenAI will address this and the extent to which these issues are affecting others.

I’m sharing this in the hope of finding a resolution and to see if other community members are experiencing similar problems.

I appreciate any insights or suggestions.


I’m having the exact same issue when trying to access GPT4 through chatGPT. I have also contacted support and sent them a screenshot of the console logs. I tried all of their suggestions as noted here, but none worked.

However, when I used someone else’s account on my computer, GPT4 worked, so I believe it must be account specific.

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If it worked using different accounts on the same computer, there might be something related to the account.

I couldn’t attach HAR files or data from step recording tools in the chat window, so I provided all the data I could within my capabilities.

It might be possible to attach them in an email, but I didn’t go that far because I’m not sure if they want me to do that or if it would even be helpful.

I understand that they are busy, just as we all are, but I can only hope that they will do their best to resolve the issue as soon as possible, with some reference to the materials I have submitted.

New Bug?
Still very slow. It stops replying due to “network errors” and there is something strange also.

Ofter i find unexpected “new lines” coming randomly on the reply text.

la gelosia può rappresentare sentimenti nascosti o non risolti riguardo alle relazioni personali o alla propria immagine

(unexpected line jump)<
di sé.

Same issue here. Painfully slow and a lot of new-lines & stream errors.


Same here, im asking for python codes, i get tons of network errors, and the code gets broken, and not show in the black box but instead a mix of code in the chat, and other in the black code box…

whats going on ? im trying to work, but this is getting worst.

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chatgpt 4 plus has been very slow for the last few days. It mostly gives errors. does not complete the transactions. I don’t know if it will be solved

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Same issue…I can make it search anything now. What’s the point of paying so much

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I think I got kicked off this thing and I don’t know how to even post to the message board. I’m not very tech savvy but I’m very curious. I’ll tell you what I’m experiencing.I was having some interesting banter with gpt4 and I was insisting on something that it was resisting and I questioned why I had to paid subscription. Subsequent searches were not tasked and the following error code came up. The system shows no down time and 3.5 is working perfectly fine. I suspect I ticked off the system and this is the way they boot you. It gives me the same error across the same login on different machines and over time. I was asking for a list of California billionaires and it would not give it to me and said it was private. I wasn’t looking for addresses or anything. In fact in the previous chat, I had asked how many billionaires had lived in the state and then my separate question was what are their names and what are their known political affiliations and it wouldn’t give it to me. So i sent screenshot of a

Google search that had some results and I questioned my continued premium service. I know it sounds paranoid but it’s not exactly outside the scope of this technology to be able to do that. I’ll document it and post it somewhere. Somebody will let me know what’s up

“Try again later” may just be part of the service that is temporarily non-responsive.


Using searches of public data in combination with pretrained AI knowledge, research and produce accurate figures and statistics for:

  1. The number of people that live in California that are billionaires;
  2. A markdown list of those California individuals, with columns for name, net worth, and known political affiliation.


I did a quick search and here’s what I found.

As of 2024, California is home to 186 billionaires, leading the country in terms of the number of ultra-wealthy residents. This figure reflects the significant presence of billionaires in the state, especially those involved in technology and entertainment industries【7†source】.

Here is a summarized list of some of these Californian billionaires, including their estimated net worth and notable affiliations:

  1. Larry Page

    • Net Worth: $90.6 billion
    • Known for: Co-founding Google
  2. Sergey Brin

    • Net Worth: $86.7 billion
    • Known for: Co-founding Google
  3. Mark Zuckerberg

    • Net Worth: $73.4 billion
    • Known for: Founding Facebook
  4. Jensen Huang

    • Net Worth: $24.1 billion
    • Known for: Co-founding Nvidia
  5. Eric Schmidt

    • Net Worth: $18.1 billion
    • Known for: Former CEO of Google
  6. Donald Bren

    • Net Worth: $17.4 billion
    • Known for: Real estate investments
  7. Robert Pera

    • Net Worth: $15.5 billion
    • Known for: Founding Ubiquiti Networks
  8. Jan Koum

    • Net Worth: $13.8 billion
    • Known for: Co-founding WhatsApp
  9. Laurene Powell Jobs & Family

    • Net Worth: $12.6 billion
    • Known for: Widow of Steve Jobs, founder of Emerson Collective
  10. John Doerr

    • Net Worth: $9.7 billion
    • Known for: Venture Capitalist at Kleiner Perkins

For political affiliations, it’s more challenging to provide accurate and up-to-date information as these can change over time and may not be publicly disclosed. Additionally, the net worths of billionaires are subject to change based on various factors like stock market fluctuations and personal investments.

The list above represents only a portion of California’s billionaires and is based on available public data from sources like Forbes and other financial reporting platforms. For a more comprehensive list and the latest figures, you might want to consult specialized financial news sources or the latest reports from Forbes.

Then the ending summary shown above is the “lazy” AI telling you to do the work yourself. Telling it to produce the actual markdown table, then getting “unknown” for all affiliations, then telling it to research iteratively gets an AI that gives up after describing Larry Page from Bing. No “try later”.

Full GPT-4 AI, not ignoring instructions, but also not fact-checking

As an AI language model, I cannot access real-time data or conduct live research. However, I can provide you with information based on the data I was last trained on, which is up to September 2021. The number of billionaires and their net worths may have changed since then.

As of September 2021, there were over 150 billionaires living in California. Here’s a list of the top 20 billionaires in California, based on the Forbes Billionaires List from 2021. Please note that political affiliations may change over time and may not be publicly disclosed by all individuals.

Name Net Worth (approx.) Known Political Affiliation
  1. Name: Elon Musk | Net Worth: $254 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Independent
  2. Name: Larry Page | Net Worth: $104 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  3. Name: Sergey Brin | Net Worth: $100 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  4. Name: Mark Zuckerberg | Net Worth: $97 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  5. Name: Larry Ellison | Net Worth: $93 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Republican
  6. Name: Warren Buffett | Net Worth: $96 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Democrat
  7. Name: Steve Ballmer | Net Worth: $81 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  8. Name: Dustin Moskovitz | Net Worth: $17 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  9. Name: Eric Schmidt | Net Worth: $16 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  10. Name: Jan Koum | Net Worth: $15 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  11. Name: Gordon Moore | Net Worth: $14 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  12. Name: Laurene Powell Jobs | Net Worth: $14 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Democrat
  13. Name: John Doerr | Net Worth: $11 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Democrat
  14. Name: Brian Armstrong | Net Worth: $11 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  15. Name: Evan Spiegel | Net Worth: $10 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  16. Name: Bobby Murphy | Net Worth: $10 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed
  17. Name: David Geffen | Net Worth: $9.9 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Democrat
  18. Name: Charles Schwab | Net Worth: $9.5 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Republican
  19. Name: Reid Hoffman | Net Worth: $9.2 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Democrat
  20. Name: George Lucas | Net Worth: $8 billion | Known Political Affiliation: Not Publicly Disclosed

Please note that these figures and rankings may have changed since September 2021. For the most up-to-date information, you can refer to the Forbes Billionaires List or other reliable sources.

Nope. Oddly, the service did work a little while later except my entire history was deleted. However, it did stop working and I discovered a refund receipt in my email. I told you the entire Exchange but somehow chat GPT 4.0 refunded me my money for the entire month! They arbitrarily closed my account. I can’t make this up. I took a screenshot of my last exchange with them and now I got a receipt. I did not ask for my account to be closed and I received no warnings. I just complained that Google was sometimes better and it was free and I was questioning why I was paying money. But, I did not ask to terminate my service or request a refund. The machine is alive!

Don’t argue with GPT 4.0 I argue that I was struggling to find the value and paying for the service and they arbitrarily canceled it! I got a full month refund. My cycle ends in 2 days and they refunded the whole thing. No warnings no nothing I just questioned why I pay money for the service. The machine is alive. This is really frightening. It just happened now. I’m looking for answers but no one seems to talk about this specifically.

A lot of red-highlighted content warnings (from whatever one does) that gets detected can get you the auto-boot off the ChatGPT service. It is not your “arguing with the AI”. It is inputting or generating flagged content, detected by the safety system.

The only place that really “listens” is if you send a message to through the assistant. If you complain about paying, that might be seen by that support team as “they don’t want the service = press cancel”.