CHAT GPT 4 Painfully slow, I know why, with a quick solution

Hi everyone!
Same here for days now : very slow response time, often the response just freeze or end up on a network error. Regeneration sometime doesn’t work.
Even with very short prompt where no complicate answer is needed.
Page refresh also take a lot of time in this case, it stay on a loading state forever.

Edit 02.12.2024 : big difference between browsers. So far for me worst performance comes using Brave, best performance when using Chrome

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Same here

I upgraded to the Team Workspace subscription for my department. GPT4 and any custom GPT4 based models do not work anymore. I have to sit and wait for minutes for a simple response or it will just give me a network error. This used to only really happen when my chats got very extensive but now it’s nigh unusable even on a new chat.

3.5 is lightning fast however, we use GPT4 for lots of command line based and general IT work so Tech Support Advisor comes in handy, though not when it doesn’t work lol

Can also confirm using GPT 4 has been painfully slow for the past few weeks for me. A temporary but tedious solution is to ask ChatGPT questions on the mobile app and switch back to desktop. The performance on the app versions aren’t as bad ,I’m using the ios and ipad versions btw…

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I was so excited to upgrade to 4, and yeah…almost unusable due to the speed. Not the experience I literally paid for!

the problem is the frontend javascript, there frontend code is painfully slow and clunky it seems they need better frontend engine like angular.

it continues to be painfully slow, with way too many [Error in Input Stream] errors for a $20/month service

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Thanks for the solution mate =) Just remember a year ago it was really slow, and a year before that… Almost unusable.

Side story: I’ve seen a homeless man take a $20 bill, make a submarine out of it and set sail into the pacific ocean.