Possible mod abuse, would like to review what happened

I believe @curt.kennedy may be abusing of its moderation privileges. I have no proof of this (because I cannot gather it for obvious reasons) but he’s the only person that was active at that thread at the time and who also was able to do this. If @curt.kennedy is not behind this, I apologize but the issue still stands and somebody was doing weird stuff there.

This is related to this thread.

All of a sudden most of my comments were flagged and hidden from view, including this one,

which, as you can see, is completely innocuous and further evidences that these decisions came from a frustrated individual rather than a rational thought process that warranted its removal.

When I noticed this, I asked (on the same thread) “why would you remove this comment?” and this person immediately deleted my last comment.

[edit after @curt.kennedy’s first reply here, this last comment I’m referring to was deleted literally seconds after I posted it. I truly doubt this version about “the community” reading it, flagging it, bringing it to curt’s attention and him taking action to remove it within 10-20 seconds. But it’s fine, you all have logs so you can check who is being naughty or not :smiley:].

I suggest, whoever watches the watchmen, to take a look at whatever happened there. It may not be a critical issue and I’m “just one user here” but this is exactly the kind of behavior that killed some other really good communities in the past (like StackOverflow) by making people avoid them altogether.

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This was not flagged by me. It was brought to my attention by other forum members, and the flags will show this.

I suggest that you take a time out.


I don’t have the data, so no idea.

I just wanted to raise attention to this, that is all. Just in case, you know ;).

This seemed to start because you were under the mistaken impression that GPT-4 is the best tool for sentiment classification.

Curt then very kindly pointed out that other models when fine tuned are both more accurate, quicker and cheaper than GPT-4. You then went on to seem incredulous that you could possibly be incorrect, and then lost your objectivity a little.

AI is a rapidly developing area of research and one should always be open to being wrong on a topic, as you are on this one.

Lets move on from this and not make a simple error into anything more than that.


Thanks @Foxalabs but my point still stands, (which is) a mod shouldn’t abuse the privileges it has.

Even if my statement was incorrect, that shouldn’t warrant that sort of (I mean this softly, I know it’s not that extreme) censorship. I still think GPT4 is an excellent sentiment classifier, but that’s not the point of this thread, we’re discussing possible mod abuse now.

Moderators act on flags. The community flags posts, which can be auto-hidden without the moderators reviewing the flag if enough flags from high members are cast.


Moderators act on flags. The community flags posts, which can be auto-hidden without the moderators reviewing the flag if enough flags from high members are cast.

I would bet some serious money that:

did not happen in a span of ~20 seconds.

There’s probably a log of events somewhere, as I said before and that’s where the truth lies. I don’t think I’ll be able to take a look at it, for obvious (pragmatic) reasons, but the point of this thread is to just raise attention to this issue.

I can assure you that the post was not flagged by Curt, it was by a normal TL-2 member. Curt was simply the moderator who saw the flag in the flag list and processed it, he got to it about half a second before I did because I also made the same click and was told by the system that the flag was already handled. So irrespective of if Curt was the name or Foxalabs, the result would have been the same, it was a snarky, unrequired comment. We get them quite a lot and they get removed.

This is not about singling you out for some unjust treatment, this is standard practice and is not a thing that carries much weight, it’s just tidying the forum to attempt to keep it as light and friendly as possible.


Don’t take that bet.
You are wrong.

The post is simply hidden due to too many community flags.

Note: I am not a moderator.


The post is simply hidden due to too many community flags.

Just to clarify, the post in question is the very last one I posted and what I’m saying (again) is that it’s just not possible for this:

to happen within ~20 seconds, and trust me, I’m being generous with the 20 second number, it was pretty much immediately gone after I posted it.

This shows that you should be able to edit your reply after a 30 minute cooling off and re-thinking why there was button-pushing on what you wrote:


You created a topic to solicit help and opinion. You aren’t going to encourage help if you already made your mind up about the question you ask…


Yes, that’s what I see, too.
Noted the topic earlier today and thought there was something odd.

I suggest to just move on.
Everybody made their point. There is nothing left to add here.


Let’s wrap this up as the conversion is on a loop that’s quite absurd to be honest.

  • I wrote a comment in a thread
  • It was almost immediately deleted by (I assume) @curt.kennedy.
  • This happened within the span of 10-20 seconds.
  • I don’t think that is enough time for (here I go again):
    • this comment being flagged by the community
    • this being noticed by @curt.kennedy
    • @curt.kennedy deciding to remove it completely (not hide it)
  • no one truly has that answer unless we go check the logs (I knew this before I even posted this thread)
    • which means anything anyone posts here related to this is mere speculation
  • I still decided to open this thread just to leave a note about it, because:
    • it could be the case that some wrongdoing did happen
    • this could be of interest to whoever runs the forum

That’s it, no need to argue with this, just let it sit here for eternity :smiley:.

The post is hidden due to community flags, not removed.
The people who run this forum can see it, just like everyone else.

I suggest to close this topic.

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