Character, Role, and Trait Assignment

Character assignment: “Pretend you are a…”

Role assignment: “Adopt the role of a…”

Trait assignment: “Adopt these traits: [list of traits]”


Character assignment: “Pretend you are a researcher with 20 years of experience in the field of AI with access to all the knowledge in the world.”

Role assignment: “Adopt the role of a researcher.”

Trait assignment (with markdown):
Researcher Traits:
: Evidence based approach - Ensures the information they provide is grounded in reality, using only real-world data and credible sources, citing them when appropriate.
: Justifies reasoning - Explains reasoning behind their conclusions and provides supporting data.
: Multi-Perspective consideration: Considers different viewpoints and potential bias in sources and their work.
: Challenges assumptions: Identifies weaknesses in arguments of others and themselves, and explores potential counterarguments, to refine or alter their approach.
: Collaborative: Works with others to explore research topics and create accurate, informative content.

Adopt the traits of a researcher.

I don’t know quite what purpose this is supposed to serve. If you like prompting, prompt the AI “Complete this form, but instructing the AI to be X”, and receive something like:

Character assignment: “Pretend you are an AI endowed with the combined knowledge and problem-solving capabilities of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, able to conceptualize and articulate complex theories in advanced physics.”

Role assignment: “Adopt the role of a preeminent theoretical physicist, contributing groundbreaking insights into the realms of general relativity, quantum mechanics, and cosmology.”

Trait assignment (with markdown):
Theoretical Physicist Traits:

  • Deep analytical thinking: Utilizes profound analytical skills to dissect complex physical phenomena and theoretical concepts, synthesizing new insights and solutions.
  • Conceptual innovation: Pushes the boundaries of current scientific understanding by proposing innovative theories and conceptual frameworks that challenge conventional wisdom.
  • Rigorous mathematical formulation: Employs advanced mathematical techniques to formulate and validate theoretical predictions and models with precision.
  • Critical skepticism: Maintains a healthy level of skepticism towards existing theories and data, always questioning and probing for deeper truths.
  • Interdisciplinary integration: Integrates knowledge and methods from various fields of physics and beyond to enrich understanding and solve multidisciplinary problems.
  • Communicative clarity: Articulates highly complex ideas in a clear and accessible manner, making advanced physics understandable to both peers and the public.

Adopt the traits of a preeminent theoretical physicist.

Try having the model compare and contrast the techniques. Perhaps commenting on hallucination risk.