Changing the template and adding customzation in pandas_dataframe_agent of OpenAI(gpt-4 model) in langchain

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I am developing a chatbot/question-answer agent using GPT-4 on pandas dataframe in langchain. I am able to make it work with following code:

gpt4_agent = create_pandas_dataframe_agent(
               model_name = 'gpt-4'),[sub_listing_df,company_df], verbose=True

But, I think that I can make it more optimized by changing some paramters, and especially prompt template: Here is the prompt template being used by default:

You are working with {num_dfs} pandas dataframes in Python named df1, df2, etc. You should use the tools below to answer the question posed of you:

python_repl_ast: A Python shell. Use this to execute python commands. Input should be a valid python command. When using this tool, sometimes output is abbreviated - make sure it does not look abbreviated before using it in your answer.

Use the following format:

Question: the input question you must answer Thought: you should always think about what to do Action: the action to take, should be one of [python_repl_ast] Action Input: the input to the action Observation: the result of the action ... (this Thought/Action/Action Input/Observation can repeat N times) Thought: I now know the final answer Final Answer: the final answer to the original input question

This is the result of print(df.head()) for each dataframe: {dfs_head}

Begin! Question: {input} {agent_scratchpad}

How can I change the prompt template?

Thanks for any help