Changing default org doesn't affect

Hi, I’ve recently signed up for a free account on both openAI platform and chatGPT. Then, with the same email, I’ve been invited into my organization paid account (tier 4).

Now, changing the default organization in, I’m able to access all the paid features there (GPT-4, ecc.), but when I login into my organization paid features are not exposed (I can’t use GPT-4, nor creating Actions, nor GPTs), only my personal account is recognized.

How can I switch the default organization associated to my account in

I’m having this exact same issue. Any ideas? I’m the owner of an organization that I recently created. I can see it when I’m at chat. openai. com but when I go to platform. openai. com I only see my Personal organization and there is no option to change it.

There is no organization feature for ChatGPT unless you are maybe referring to Teams.
The organization at is a separate entity nonetheless.

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ChatGPT Plus and API credits are separate…

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