Changing code text colors

I asked a coding question and it provided me with a snippet of code. I asked if it could change the color of the comments to green and it was not able to do so. I understand its not a big deal since i could do that myself. But i can see how this might be a problem for certain people that might have some level of color blindness. Just wanted to give some feedback on this if it has gone unnoticed.

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Thank you for pointing that out.

What you can do until they do that and you are using chrome is this:

  1. press F12 to open developer tools
  2. Select the 3 dots on top right → More tools → Rendering

Which will open the Rendering tab where you can scroll down to “Emulate vision deficiencies”

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If you believe that is an easy task to solve. How would you do that?

Create a theme selection above the code view maybe (but even if, I am pretty sure it sounds way easier as it actually is - how many HTML outputs with code highlight boxes have you built)?