CAPTCHA login puzzles - Excessive

I am an an 80 year old with little time to play the inordinate number of Chats CAPTCHA puzzles to get access to my Chat account. I feel I am quite versed controlling rouge access to Chat from my computer hardware, and, controlling exposure of my user name and password. Aside from Chats perceived security needs, why am I required to perform an obnoxious number of games/puzzles to gain access to my Chat account? It is frustrating and a waste of my time. Rather, why can’t Chat initiate a user validity check via email or text?


These checks are part of OpenAI’s protection systems, the best way to avoid them is to turn off your VPN/Proxy service and ensure you are accessing the service from a supported country.

The puzzle CAPTCHAs are not from Cloudflare. The Arkose Captcha with “rotate the image”, or the last one I got just logging into my account “which maze can the mouse get all the cheese” are Arkose MatchKey captcha and are specifically embedded by OpenAI code.

Thanks you for your response.
My VPN was disabled at the time of my log-in process. Any other suggestions to abbreviate that process will be appreciated.

If you consistently access the service from your normal ISP’s IP the number of capture requests should drop, I’ve not seen one for months now.

Thank you again for your suggestion to resolve my issue.

I’m another who just experienced this, never in the last 6 months I had an issue logging in until half an hour ago and it took that long to login, just so this I could leave this message.
I’m not using VPN’s or proxys or anything dodgy like that, just your typical everyday user.
20 puzzles to log in is more than excessive, it is very heavy handed. if it keeps up up, I might be inclined to use google bard instead (not an ideal choice).
If your hoping to turn people away this is a great way the achieve this.

If I do not reply in a timely fashion it will be because of these puzzles and the amount of them, trying my patience at logging in and preventing me from doing so.
20 puzzles to login to a forum, what next?

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Another user who is providing feedback that these puzzles are a significant deterrent to use and will likely punitively rebound on openai in a way to sharply curtail participation. MY VPN is off, and yet, using my usual open ai compatible browser I have performed the pedantic circus of puzzling three separate times, only to receive an error message with the page loading–AFTER successfully completing the puzzles. Other developers in the space will gladly step up to provide a less onerous log in, as they should. Very disrespectful to users. A competitive market will deliver to a vendor what it merits. Will give a go with Bard. Best of luck openai.

Congratulations at turning away a user. I am in the process of downloading my data
deleting my chat history and then deleting my account.
I tried Google bard, I wont go near it.
I think a trip to a library to reference real books for info is a better idea.
10 puzzles to log in this time.
Farewell. I hope you change your minds in the future.

Hey. Hopefully you haven’t decided to cancel your subscription.

Out of curiosity, did you get the same ridiculous amount of captcha challenges using both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4? Or is it only for GPT-4?

I know you said it was when you login as well but I’m wondering (For you, and anyone else with this issue) if there’s any noticeable differences.

I didn’t close the account (last minute change of mind :slight_smile: )

After I successfully logged in I didn’t experience any further issues
with puzzles, however I did not use Chat for very long the last time (twenty puzzles)
this was before my use of either version.

My first encounter with these puzzles started by requiring I solve 5 puzzles.
I got one wrong this pushed the counter up to requiring 8 puzzles to be solved
I got one wrong again and then went up to ten and so on.

It should be obvious to the server if it analyses my connection to it
that I am coming from a sticky dynamic IP. (mandated by the government for retaining all metadata activity for two years) which has not changed in 4 years. The only way to change the IP is to buy new router or have the router unplugged for 6 months.
If it concludes I am not a robot, and I have connected from the same IP
for the last six months, why continue with the puzzles? (my router has disabled wifi
so no issue there either)

Today however was less of a hassle signing to the forum here, I was only asked
to solve 3 puzzles. Point the animal in the same direction as the hand is pointing.

These crazy amount of puzzles was reminiscent of googles V2 image captcha which went round in circles no matter how many times the puzzles were solved correctly.

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I did find one thing earlier, or thought of, when these issued started, I signed in to quickly having my logins details saved, perhaps this triggered the puzzles initially.
Since then I have paused between clicking username then password. since the last
puzzle of point the animal in the direction of, I haven’t seen a puzzle signing in.

I’m also experiencing this and I’m getting really frustrated with these puzzles. These puzzles are crippling my web experience.

This has nothing to do with verification but all with annoying people. Who is the one responsible for these puzzles and why aren’t they fired yet?

This is an insult to every web user

I can’t log in to my accounts because I refuse to do 16 puzzles. OpenAI puzzles are hijacking my accounts.

Next to being a major UX degradation, I’m also very concerned about possible cognitive accessibility issues with this solution. I mean, I’m surely not stupid, but I definitely needed to wrap my head around these puzzles for some time, and I found the audio puzzles to be slightly easier to solve. I can imagine that a lot of people with cognitive disabilities (dyslexia, ADHS, intellectual impairments, etc.) will be severely challenged with these tasks and thus lose access to their accounts - people who otherwise might benefit most from various assistance though AI.

This gives a slight impression of a kind of elitism of people at OpenAI HQ who forget that the average user of the web will not have an IQ of 140. I hope OpenAI has considered these risks and will reevaluate more inclusive types of captchas.

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I feel like the rotate object challenge was written (and checked by) ESL speakers. The instructions say to roate the object in the direction of the hand, which is shown in frame directly to the left of the object. However, the intended meaning appears to be to rotate the object to ‘face’ cue existential despair the direction the hand points?