Capacity of ChatGPT is very less!

Since few days ChatGPT is frequently going at capacity and we are not able to access it even more.

The times this error is being shown is increasing dramatically, #openai to increase the capacity of the API.

Everyone try to reply as much as possible on this problem and send the problems via feedback to OpenAI.


I can’t have access to the chat for 2 days now, things are bad for everyone I ask. Is it some kind of plan, to make people crazy and in need of it and then to charge for it, cause if that’s the case it is working, where can I pay to have it back!!

I accidentally logged out and haven’t been able to log back in…

I live in New Zealand which is UTC+13. I find when the USA sleeps I have good access. I’m not trying to show off, you understand. But you may want to try “out of hours”.

I’m in UTC+07:00 and have never had a problem with access.


If you think about it, they let the whole world in on ChatGPT, and imagine how many users are using it. Even for Microsoft, it is hard to keep up the scaling and downscaling of the cloud system. I think it works extremely well if you think that they spend like 3 million dollars just on the cloud.

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Welcome to the community Cyrus.

I think you provide a good perspective.

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Thank you Paul,

I am a developer myself and seeing that both Microsoft and the ChatGPT team handle this mass of users using the service is extraordinary

Just become Plus and you won’t get anymore these kind of issues.
Don’t want to pay? play as free plan allow you.

Ahh! I understand, thanks for giving me this knowledge as I was not aware of it that how hard scaling is…