Can't Use Password Manager to Log In

OpenAI’s login screen does something between the user name and password that prevents my password manager (KeePass) from completing the login. This forces users to manually enter passwords or copy and paste them into the field, both of which are security risks. It also encourages passwords that are easy to remember and easy to type - also known as Easy To Hack.

I’ve tried several ways to get my password entry to work. Nothing does. It gets to the Password field and just sits there. The password manager is currently set so it doesn’t do anything different from what I would do entering it manually, but it still won’t work.

At first I thought it was the change in URL, and it still might be. Since that page has no title attribute, the only thing identifying the page is the URL. Google’s login changes the URL as well, but keeps the same title, and I have no issues logging in there.

Please fix this, if possible, as it can only enhance security for your site.

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