Can't switch to GPT-4 tab on the app or the website

hi there,

I purchased the ChatGPT Plus version and encountered an unusual issue where I couldn’t switch to the GPT-4 tab on both the web and mobile platforms. It’s quite perplexing.

I am extremely frustrated by this situation. As a paying customer, it is disheartening to experience such an unstable service from OpenAI.

At the very least, OpenAI should have notified its paying customers instead of abruptly closing off the access to the GPT-4 feature. It is important to maintain transparent communication with users who have invested in the service.

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I have the same issue for a few days now!

Even I have the same issue. And the discord channel seems to be spammed with same messages but guess nobody’s listening.

It’s the same problem for me since 2 days.

Found a crazy solution for me:
Cancelled my subscription because it would coincidentally renew by tomorrow. GPT4 back and working. Maybe try this.

same problem since I renewed today. any method to fix this problem