Can't get long outputs from the API

Hi guys
Trying to make the API write me some articles, but they allways get short. Have tried multiple ways to make them longer, but it almost never happens. Like 2/100 has some lenght, but most is very short.
I know that one solution can be to first make the API output the outline of an article and then write one paragpraph per output. But that makes a pretty heavy setup - and token cost - SO, is there another way, to get longer output; about 800-1500 words in “one go”?

Cheers! ((-:

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Hi @jh2

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This topic has been covered multiple times here.

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Thanks for your answer. Have tried searching, but couldn’t find anything. Have tried to search for “lenght”, “short” and “longer”.

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Thank you very much. Appreciate it big time. ((-:

IMO: Long-form articles between 1200/2400 and more words can only be written effectively with the aid of an outline. The length of the output is determined by the quality of the outline and the content niche. An even more effective way to work with the outline is to break it down into paragraphs. I have created some tools that generate an outline by asking for a “###” between subtopics. Then, I use regex to extract the necessary parts and send them to the API for writing content. If done correctly, this process yields a lot of useful words.


Thanks for your answer Ajondo. ((-:

You can also consider raising the temperature. Less effective on the newer models, though.

Worst case scenario, use Davinci. The prompt engineering paradigm is much tougher to learn, but the outputs are very interesting! And it will keep writing as long as you like.

Thanks jkirshbaum. Already tried that with no effect, but maybe with the wrong model, then. (-:

I haven’t read all the comments and it probably doesn’t matter that much BUT you keep misspelling “length”. Just saying…