Can't Dalle 3 create images with game characters?

I want to know Dalle 3 can create images from game characters for sure.

Now I am trying to create images with game characters.

I tried these prompts like below.

Here are the prompts.
- Monika is the female character of game Doki Doki Literature Club.
- Monika is wearing a casual outfit instead of a school uniform.
- The painting should be extremely detailed.
- The painting should be high quality.
- The painting should be much more clear.
- Monika is sitting on the park bench.
- You should draw that Monika to have clearer eyes.
- You should draw eyes of Monika much cleaner.
- The spring, warm and cozy riverside background.
- Monika is holding a picnic bag for lunch.

ChatGPT often failed to create, and said “I encountered issues while trying to generate the image for you. If you have any adjustments or a new request, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to try again!”.

Furthermore A few days ago, ChatGPT answered there were copyright issues for which image could not be created.

Even if there were a lot of error, I sometimes could create images, every game character always have dirty, and distorted eyes. And target always wrong clothes with the prompts above.

Here is the example image.

Are there any rules that I can refer before creating images with characters?

Documentation usually says how to use Dalle 3 instead of regulations.

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It looks like some game characters can be created. Maybe it depends on the game’s popularity and the availability of images related to that game’s characters in the model’s training data? Also, it may be related to the complexity of the prompt. For example, I’ve managed to generate images Sonic the Hedgehog very easily:

Prompt: “An image of Sonic the Hedgehog, running.”