Can't change monthly usage limit, "must be on a paid plan..."

Hey folks, this just came across my radar and I flagged it to our team to take a look. Stay tuned!


I left my plan on, and did nothing.
I was nervous about my API, but I can confirm mine does continue to work after the budget has been reached. I received the dreadful “budget-reached” email 2 hours ago, and my API is still working like a champ.

Just as a reminder: there are two limits, an email notification threshold, and a hard cutoff. You can set these to different levels.

That the API is notifying people about a threshold they no longer have access to means something is still working even if OpenAI’s intention was simply to disable all user-set limitations on those who have prepaid credit account requirements. One must consider the email an unintended side effect, especially if it becomes an arbitrary nuisance every month reminding you of the lack of account control.

Correct. I have set/kept both to default, thinking I could always return back at any point. I have received both emails now. The threshold and the hard cutoff that read:

Hi there,

Your API usage this month has reached your account’s monthly budget of $20.00.

API requests will be rejected until either (a) you increase your monthly budget or (b) your monthly usage resets at the beginning of the next calendar month.

But as mentioned before it continues to work and deducts from my pre-paid amount which is just fine by me!

I mention these things in case someone is eyeing down that limit like I was, wondering if you should turn your API off in the middle of the month to save it incase something more pressing came along, I’m saying I wouldn’t cancel plan and try to start all over. I didn’t cancel mine and it still works beyond threshold!

Hopeful the fix the UI to match what it’s doing on the backend.

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See reply below…not sure if it tagged you.

My settings page is ok again; I can set the limits as usual.

Same, looks like they’ve added back usage settings

That sound great!

Now: look at your monthly usage so far. Set the limit below that. Maybe some thinking time if the setting might take time to propagate.

Then use credits.

Do you get cut off, or do you have access to a setting that was made ineffective as part of some original plan? That would be the final test to ensure the original safety is back.

Hey, thanks for the assistance. I can confirm this error is still happening today

Its telling me I dont have a paid plan but I subscribe to plus?

ChatGPT Plus != API Credits.

You can learn more in the quickstart guide!