Can't attach image to GPT-4

I’ve seen the new feature to send images to GPT. I can’t seem to find the option to do that on my device.

I’m ride visiting the website on my phone and my laptop, without seeing the image option on the left side of the text box. It will allow me to select The “advanced data analysis” option and send files, but when I make sure nothing is selected to use vanilla GPT-4, I don’t see the attach image option.

The image below is using vanilla GPT-4:

Computer vision is not widely deployed yet, as several long-running threads on the forum will attest, with “me too, I also don’t have it yet” responses.

So hang tight!

I have a few questions:

  1. Would you happen to know an estimated time frame the feature will be given to all payed users?

  2. From what I’ve seen, some people that use GPT from the website have the new feature, while other’s don’t. Is there maybe reason for that?

  3. If they are giving the new features to certain people regardless of how they’re accessing GPT, How do they decide who is and who is not edible?

  4. I also heard that the features are getting to people in waves. Would there be a reason for this being the case?

  5. Are there any specific browser or device requirements to access the image upload feature?

  6. Are there known issues regarding the image upload feature on the website version of GPT?

At this point, it seems like I’m getting more information from the community rather than the developers. I appreciate any bit of information that could be shared. It does get a bit annoying that the developers aren’t open with this kind of information after rolling out all the new features a decent time ago without explaining why certain users can’t use the features to this point.

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Well I can attach an image to GPT, but it always responds with something like
“I would need a detailed description or annotations on the image. If you can describe specific sections or elements of the screenshot, I can offer more targeted feedback.”

Does this mean that computer vision is not rolled out on my account yet? The popup did say that I could attach an image.