How to create a prompt that uses an image to clarify the text based prompt

My current prompt asks ChatGpt to help create patent claims to be filed with the USPTO. Currently, I am satisfied with the results generated by my text prompt, but believe adding an image would generate better results. My image is essentially is a .pdf flowchart of how the patent claims operate in a working prototype. I am currently not upgraded to Chat GPT Plus, which I take is necessary to upload the image. Can I get confirmation that to upload the image I need to upgrade, and if I upgrade, I will be able to use the same text prompt but amend the prompt to also contain the image. Is the uploading of the image and amending the text prompt simple and obvious for a beginner to accomplish once I upgrade? Thanks

ChatGPT does not have the ability to view images.

You may want to try using Bing AI Chat in conjunction with ChatGPT to accomplish this and see if it helps.

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I thought ver 4.0 opens up the ability to use images.

Not yet unfortunately, but it will be a feature sometime in the future, no release date yet though.

I thought images was one of the major additions in ver. 4

That will be coming at a later date :laughing: