Cannot Log-In to GPT Plus - Support is a no show

I cannot log in to access my account, use chat, or manage my subscription. No matter what browser, device, or network I use, I get a “bad gateway” message. However, Chat GPT is working for everyone else, so this must be connected with my account?? (Which I am paying for and cannot manage)

I’m coming here because I have no where else to go, and cannot get in touch with support.

Is this happening or has happened to anyone else?

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I have also been experiencing this for 2 days
Incognito mode doesn’t fix it
Another Chrome Profile doesn’t fix it
Using a VPN doesn’t fix it
All devices, all computers, even using 5G cell data doesn’t fix it
This error is still occurring and it’s been this way for 2 days…

I found that a new free account works, so I’m requesting cancellation of my Google oAuth via email support since I can’t access my account or my subscription info…

I might consider ChatGPT+ later on if this is resolved, but I’m never using oAuth again lol
I sent an email via the chat comm on help.openai but I don’t expect quick reply

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Okay yeah I thought about deleting my account too, but I’ve maxed out the amount of accounts I can make tied to my phone number. :skull: If it isn’t resolved soon I’ll have to delete my account because I’m paying for something I can’t access.