Cannot install Android app on supposingly compatible device

Hi, I’ve tried looking up “ChatGPT” on play store both on my phone and my PC’s browser (install onto phone from there) but it doesn’t appear on my phone and on PC it says my device is “incompatible”.

I’ve double checked the FAQ and even read multiple posts online but they all simply say that Android 6+ and a OpenAI account is the only requirement.

For context, I’m trying to do this on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with:

Operating System: Android 9
Storage: 15,6GB Free (out of 64GB)

also, I’m sorry if this isn’t the right category for this but I can’t find anything more relevant except maybe “Community” which doesn’t really mention that its for anything but community creations.

Any suggestions or ideas as to why I can’t get the app and how I might be able to solve this problem? (I’d prefer to use the official app as it has all the new and features, is officially supported and is most likely going to be first with the new updates.)

Go to phone settings, then apps, find the Google Play Store app, and clear its app data. It might have mistakenly flagged your phone as incompatible with the app.

Also, if the ChatGPT app displays the message:

“Something went wrong. Please ensure your device’s date and time are set correctly. Check your internet connection, then restart the app and try again.”

Clear the Google Play Store’s app data; it might have misled the ChatGPT app into thinking your phone is incompatible.

I did that, and it fixed the issue for me, try.

Note: Clearing Google Play Store’s app data won’t delete any of your files or data. All your Google Play Store data is synced with your Google account, so the app will quickly reload the data once cleared.

I’ve tried clearing it, but to no help. I cleared both data and cache on both Google Play Store and Google Play services.

Thanks for answering at least, I really wish I could use the app though, man…

I guess ill have to use a third-party (probably paid) app instead. Or somehow remove the stupid playstore enforcement from the APK D:
(For context: The APK installs and works fine, or well… At least up until the moment it starts spam opening play store until I uninstall it.)

OMG, It worked… I just had to wait for a bit after I did provided steps (with both data & cache). It finally works!! Less gooo!

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