Cannot import name OpenAI from openai

With the migration change due January 4th, I am trying to migrate openai to a newer version, but nothing is working. I have gone through every single thread online and tried upgrading my openai version, downgrading my openai version, upgrading my python version, downgrading my python version, but nothing works.

This is my code, very simple:

from openai import OpenAI

And I’m getting the error: ImportError: cannot import name ‘OpenAI’ from ‘openai’

I am using a conda environment currently with Python version 3.11.5 with openai version 1.3.6 I have tried downgrading to Python 3.10 and Python 3.9 and I have tried using pip upgrade and used various different openai versions. Why is there nothing online that helps solve this issue?

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It sounds like you’re facing a tricky issue with importing the OpenAI module in Python. The error message ImportError: cannot import name ‘OpenAI’ from ‘openai’ typically indicates a problem with the installation of the OpenAI library or a mismatch between the library and the Python version you’re using. Here are some steps to troubleshoot this problem:

  1. Check for Name Conflicts: Ensure that your script file or any other file in your working directory is not named This can cause a conflict with the library’s import.
  2. Reinstall OpenAI Library: Try completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the OpenAI library. Sometimes, a fresh install can resolve unexpected issues.
pip uninstall openai
pip install openai
  • Environment Check: Ensure that the environment where you’re installing the OpenAI library is the same one from which you’re running your script. Sometimes, different environments can cause discrepancies.
  • Correct Import Statement: The typical import statement for the OpenAI library doesn’t use OpenAI directly. You usually import specific functions or classes. The error might be due to the fact that there’s no direct OpenAI class or function to import from the openai package. You should import specific functionalities like this:
import openai

# Use specific functions or classes, for example:
response = openai.Completion.create(...)
  1. Compatibility Check: Ensure that the OpenAI library version you’re using is compatible with your Python version. Although this is less likely to be the issue, it’s good to double-check.
  2. Virtual Environment: Since you’re using a Conda environment, make sure you’ve activated the correct environment before running your script. Sometimes, the wrong environment might be active, leading to such issues.
  3. Check the Documentation: Review the OpenAI API documentation for any updates or changes in the way the library should be imported or used.
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Also: don’t name your own file or directories “” - or you’ll be importing your own code instead!

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@10forever did you manage to solve it? I’m facing the same problem and none of the suggestions resolved it, I also didn’t find anything on the internet or in the documentation that helped me solve it. If you succeeded, please share your solution here.

@thauany.domingues unintalling and installing again will work!

Uninstalling what? I am having the same issue.

The libraries. Also, make sure your own file isn’t called…