Cannot generate a downloadable document after prompting to populate a template

Hi everyone.
I have uploaded a CV template and prompted GPT to use 2 uploaded documents to populate that empty template using the information from these two documents (my CV and job description)

day 1: it was able to populate the template and create a downloadable document.
Day : i wasnt able to download the document from day 1 as it was giving me the error that it doesnt have access to the previously uploaded documents. i have done the same exercise on day 2 prompting to generate a downloadable template , even copied the same prompt from day 1, however the GPT kept giving me the issue problem saying it cannot do that. not sure why i cannot generate the same document i generated on day 1. it would generate the text in the window basically copying my CV info and giving it on the prompt window but not actually populating the CV template and generating the downloadable document.

please help navigate the problem

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Hi @gigitrt welcome to the forum.

Are you using the same chat day to day? If so it will eventually lose context. I would recommend creating a new chat each time or creating a GPT for your specific use case.